Increase financial returns potential by mitigating behavioural gap!

When emotion gets in the way of making smart financial decisions, the distance between what we should do and what we actually do is the “behavioral gap” , or the potential return you miss because of your behavioural biases.

This behavioral gap, or investor return gap, can lead to a decrease in financial performance by up to six percent annually.

Yainvest BeFi AI Co-pilot identifies and quantifies most common biases, and proactively informs and supports investment decisions thus helping to unlock these untapped gains.

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Protect your clients’ investment returns

Yainvest BeFi AI Co-pilot empowers your clients to identify and mitigate the investment blindspots to improve annual returns.

Rigorous research meets groundbreaking AI

Anchored by decades of behavioral finance research and backed by over 20 years of research conducted at top-tier research institutions, Yainvest BeFi AI Co-pilot is now available as a digital product Beta stage. It helps you recognise your investment blind spots.

Uncover your clients' blind spots to maximize your future potential

Analyze your cleints' past transactions to manage the portfolio more efficiently in future. Questions addressed by the Yainvest BeFi Coplilot:

  • What is the historical evolution of the portfolio performance and what were the major contributors?

  • What were the consequences of investment decisions?

  • What are the most common biases the investment manager is prone to? 

Optimize your clients' personal strategy to maintain discipline, and manage risk.

Questions addressed by the Yainvest BeFi Report combined with Yainvest Risk Profile:

  • Are portfolios being managed within their mandates and to investors’ expectations?  

  • Is the actual Strategic Asset Allocation aligned with the recommended Strategic Asset Allocation based on Investor Risk Tolerance?

  • What is the real client risk attitude based on his actions, in particular a composure and attitude to volatility?  

Discover your clients' Behavioral Gap today

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Increase returns

Guide your clients to achieve improved performance by mitigating the behavioural gap and unlocking additional returns.

Grow assets under management

By boosting clients confidence and returns, profits are more likely to be reinvested, leading to increased assets under management.

Proven science, applied

Gain a competitive edge and derive actionable insights from over 20 years of research by leading behavioural finance experts in Europe.


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